About Us

PictureME Studios is a combination of two very successful independant Photographers, who have partner’d up to form a luxury Wedding Photography team!


My passion for photography has been with me since I was a child. I loved taking pictures and I loved to collect cameras. The love for taking pictures got me involved with covering car shows and other motor sports events for an online magazine since 1999. Then as the years went by, I have become more involved with portrait and landscape photography .  Why do I love what I do? Its because I love life and  everything it has to offer.  All people on this planet are special and a photograph of you might mean the entire world to someone 20 years from now.  We don’t always appreciate the true importance of the photographs we take on a daily basis, but if you have me as your Photographer, I promise you I do realize the importance of these pictures and my goal is to provide you with pictures you and your family will cherish for generations.


When I was a kid, there wasn’t anything my mother could say or do to get me dressed like a normal child. It was always purple pants with a polka dot red shirt or rainbow tights and a lime green skirt with an orange blouse. I drew on everything – my bed frame (eesh! I’d kill my kid), the walls, books, myself, my friends, you name it! Expressing myself was always easy for me – even if it wasn’t exactly conventional. As an adult, I can proudly say that I dress better, but my mind still operates the same way – off the beaten path. I love being creative and making things my own. It’s what makes me happy. For years I have manifested my ideas and creativity into my work as a graphic designer. But it wasn’t until I discovered my passion for photography that I realized my true potential. Photography as a whole is an art. The simple idea of capturing space and time is, in itself, breathtaking. To be a part of that process, taking someone’s memories and making them pieces of art to share in their home, on social media, in a beautiful book somewhere – is really something to take pride in. I am very lucky to do what I do. How many people can say they look forward to coming to work every day? I also designs Invitations, saves the dates and other items.